TV Show Reviews: You Me Her Season 4 (NETFLIX)

Tonight I finally finished season 4 of "You Me Her" It started off weak and up until episode 8 it was quite meh. Boring!!!

This season we come back and Izy Jack and Emma are still together living their blissful throuple life and in season 4 Izy and her girlfriend Nina graduate from the big school and become legal therapists.

Nina goes to her first session with a patient and is bored out of her mind and then the whole season we deal with her quarter-life crisis about is really what she wants to do.

Then she finds another boyfriend and then has to deal with that and it's quite childish.

This is a great segway into I think it was like Episode 5 or 6 midway through season 4 and I was bored out of my mind there is a childish scene where Izy with a colleague Egg a neighbours house and this is the most stupid part of the season.

I was annoyed at how bad the writing of the show was up until episodes 6 and 7 of season 4.

Episode 8 of season 4 is where the real drama happens and you actually see the 3 of them having to deal with their shit finally and the show then gets some solid legs under it and you start watching it with full attention and not just some noise while mobile gaming.

You can tell this show had difficulty finding new stories for the characters to still grow and for the show to move forward.

Season 4 is the second last season in the whole series, there is season 5 and it's the final season.

I need a break after season 4 and I will be watching Cobra Kai after this season 4 of that show and then I may go to Queen of the South.

This is or started off as a great show and really had great writing to discuss such a topic of multiple people in a relationship that all parties that accept this form.

This may not be for you but it's a great show to dip your toe in and get an understanding of how it all works cause it's not all about the sexy time. :)

Not suitable for the kiddies. As this season 4 is just average I give it 5.5 to 6/10

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