TV Show Review: Midnight Asia: Eat Dance Dream 2022 (NETFLIX)

The wife and I managed to sit down and watch a tv show a foodie documentary in between managing to look after a 3-year-old and a newborn one-month-old son.

Midnight Asia: Eat Dance and Dream is a show that for 6 episodes takes us across six different countries in Asia you get to travel to Tokyo Japan, Seol Soth Korea, Mumbai (Bombay) India, Bangkok Thailand, Taipei Taiwan and last but not least is Manila Philipines.

In each episode, we are taken to each location's nightlife and the show focuses on the beauty and hidden gems of each country and city and it's done in the best light.

My Favourite episode was the one based in Tokyo Japan as it showed a young generation that blended the old with the new and it was a great fusion of old and new culture.

The best story told in this episode was that they showed the nightlife and the DJ clubbing part of Japan and they focused on an 80+-year-old lady that is a DJ and she really knew what she was doing and this DJ blended the old traditional music with the new techno club scene.

If you have never been to any of these places I would recommend it mind you I have been only to Thailand and only stayed in the airport until my next flight.

The last episode was based in Manila Philippines and they showed in this episode how even living in the community apartments they focus on building community and they do this by having a community Basketball court and having neighbourhood games at first, the authorities thought this would be a bad thing but it has brought the community and people together.

The other part of this episode that I enjoyed was the fact they have battle raps as you see in 8 miles but a Philippines version.

They have millions of followers on youtube and are probably the biggest rap battle in Asia.

They even have a small emerging professional wrestling scene as well in Manila and this was really cool.

Add this to your list its something different and enjoyable for all the family.

10/10 I wish I could have some of the food that was shown in this show. Looked soo yummy!!

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