TV Show Review: Burn Notice: Season 3 (Disney+)

I finally started and finished season 3 of Burn Notice and well it is yet to disappoint.

Like all other seasons, you strap yourself in and go for a rollercoaster ride that goes deeper down the rabbit hole and you have no time to come up for air.

In season 3 Mike, Sam and Fiona are up to their old tricks again trying to help Mike understand how and who burnt him and we do get some kinda answer this season but there is the collateral damage of sorts this season you never get your answers for free.

The team does a lot of small jobs to help a lot of people get out of trouble and there was one episode in question that annoyed me more than others only because it had a person with a disability being taken advantage of and that was like unfair but they dealt with the subject matter well enough to keep it above board and respectable.

This was episode 13 of season 3 called "Noble Causes"

I would say the last 2 to 3 episodes were like a mini-movie that keeps you on the edge and you could binge-watch them back to back with no distractions that are if you don't have distractions.

I feel this season they had more budget to make bigger and louder explosions and its fun but I have to say it's not suitable for the younger kids it does have a tad darker violence I feel this season but I guess to make a show keep you interested it needs to draw you in with something new.

We do see a few old faces that Mike does not like but its good to keep those storylines fresh and still valid even like his brother Nate going off to Vegas to become a limo driver and getting tagged with the wrong crowd and somehow linked to Mikes cases and Mike has to save Nate again as well.

I recommend this again for anyone and as stated in the "Queen of the South" review season 3 is only the start it is getting good now!!

The only downside to this show is that even on my 4K tv you can see the dots on the pictures shows you that the tv show was shot not using the best digital video equipment at the time or did they even have HD back then?

Before I forget the flame is still alive with Mike and Fiona so if you want a love story there is still one here.

I liked this season and recommend it 8/10

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