TV Show Review: Altered Carbon Season 2

Altered Carbon Season 2 what do I say about this season well I remember when everyone was waiting for this new season to come out as the first season was amazing something new and fresh. Unfortunately and I am sorry to say even with Anthony Makie taking on the role being the new slave it really did not reach the same levels of excellence. It was a C grade pass in my book.

The story does continue but really with only 8 episodes to tell a whole season they really had to move a lot faster than they did and it felt like it was expanding the universe and setting up once more.

Also because it was only 8 episodes season I felt it did not have really enough time to tell us the story in fine details it was relying too much on people hanging onto season 1.

A lot of Sci-Fi re-sleeving good guys vs bad guys, good guys turning into bad guys and you really stopped caring about the show after episode 2.

The special effects were great but the story was too much to fit into a little season. A lot of computers talk about formating and booting back up.

A lot of violence and some swearing and one episode with a sex scene. Other than that it was the team trying to save the Universe.

If you are or were a fan of season 1 you will be disappointed with season 2 and what they made of it.

Keeping track of this season was not easy and though you lose interest they had opportunities to bring you back but this does not happen.

If Season 3 gets the go-ahead after this Corona crap I hope they do a better job than what this was.

The actors were good but only as good as what material they were given.

This is not suitable for kids and well the girls would not like it really it does not have anything to pull on the heartstrings and for what they do try it does not matter in your male or female you are just not interested. If I did not have my commitment issues to finish a show I would have dropped the show along time ago.

2.5/10 not suitable for the kiddies.

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