Movie Reviews: Moonbound (NETFLIX 2021)

Moonbound is a Netflix cartoon we watched with the little one and it feels like it was made by the same group that brought us the cartoon Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

Moonbound is a romantic love story about two ladybugs and a brother and sister that are at their with ends with each other but have to travel to the moon. Well, the brother has to travel to the moon to save his sister and the male ladybug is on a quest to find his long lost love.

The animation is nothing we have not seen before but the music and the story in itself is original and the music track is really good.

Moonbound is about 90mins long enough to keep everyone entertained and the story is about the importance of family and this is what can keep the parental units engaged.

There is an insect with an Indian accent that throws one-liners that are adult intended not rude but try to be Shrek like and the two joes they have in the movie do hit the spot but they need more.

What I enjoyed about this Moonbound movie was the fact that the story was original and it was set for all audiences.

It's a small Gem on the Netflix library.

Lots of imagination really does take you to the moon and back and builds family bonds.

My 3-year-old enjoyed it found parts to be funny and engaging.

I give it 6/10

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