Movie Review: The Personal History of David Copperfield 2019 (NETFLIX)

For my Sunday afternoon movie after we had a big morning with some friends over. To relax mum decided to join me and we watched The Personal History of David Copperfield let me tell you this is not a movie you choose to unwind on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This is a fiction non-fiction retelling of the life of you guessed it a young boy that becomes a man and is David Copperfield please don't get this mixed up with the magician David Copperfield they are completely two different people.

The movie is lengthy and my mum could not watch it till the end as the news was coming on and she had to go off and watch that and some other house chores. This movie is an epic tale and I felt this movie did the novel justice if there is a novel by Charles Dickens, yes I know there is one called David Copperfield and I am not very big on period pieces from this time in history.

This movie however does the novel justice and the cast is amazing depicting the main people that affected David's life from childhood to adulthood.

This is not a light movie by far I was ready to call it quits after 5mins as David Copperfield's stepfather beats him for disobeying him and his mother tries to stop it but they do not show the beating but the message does get across and I felt like smashing the guys head in. Very strong performances.

The cast was very strong performances by Dev Patel, Hugh Laurie, and Tilda Swinton just to name a few.

The cast all put more than 110% into this movie and this is a movie you would watch again and again as it has so many nuggets of goodness however you do see David go from one test and difficulty to the next.

You just wish he would catch a break at some point and he does not from running from one bad situation to the next and trying to find a place that he fits and a family that he belongs to and also finding his identity and putting respect on his name "David Copperfield"

Although this is a PG movie and can be watched, some scenes and themes within the movie I recommend having parental guidance at all times.

I loved the movie and as mentioned above can watch it again even though it's a strong theme.

I googled this and found this little easter egg

David Copperfield is the protagonist after which the 1850 Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield was named. The character is widely thought to be based on Dickens himself, incorporating many elements of his own life.

Add this to your Netflix list and watch it just make sure you have the time to invest it's worth it. 10/10

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