Movie Review: Johnny English Strikes Again

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Last week the wife and I sat and watched this Rowan Atkinson spy spoof off from 007 Bond. Johnny English is a wacky over the top spy that in this part has been asked to come back out of retirement to come and save the day and this is where the crazy adventure begins.

In retirement he has become a school teacher but what he teaches the kids is funny the scenes with the kids make you giggle and smile.

The adventure to me is just a walking talking Mr Bean character with a license to kill.

The movie although is funny light entertainment that can be cheeky at times.

The only other people that I know in this movie is Michael Gambon and Emma Thompson.

Like Bond the car is an extension of Johnny English and all I can tell you is that it's red what type of car I have no idea. After watching the video above its an old Aston Martin but looks good.

You can tell that Rowan Atkinson really enjoys this movie its like a dream movie he made. I put this up there with Mike Myers version of his creation of Austin Power movies. Different humor but still funny.

You can watch this with family but younger kids with parental units.

Light entertainment for all something for a lazy weekend afternoon.


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