Movie Review: GLASS

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

About a month ago or so the wife and I sat and watched the third instalment of the Unbreakable movie series. The three movies are Unbreakable, Split and the last one is this one Glass.

At first, with these movies you think they are kind of horror thrillers and the second one is more of a physological thriller than anything else.

The movie is something that competes with DC and Marvel movies and is a different kinda comic graphic novel.

If anything DC and Marvel should take a page out of these three movies and learn how to connect the movies/stories so that it has proper continuity.

Glass is the final story that actually connects all the dots and the whole universe is revealed.

If you like superhero movies this is for you. It is not what I would classify as all the family can watch it's for adults it's a series of three great adult superhero movies and I highly recommend that you add this to your list.

Glass tells us a story of Samuel L Jackson's character and how he wants to unveil the truth of the world behind the ordinary world.

How he goes about this with the characters of Bruce Willis and James McAvoy is well put together.

James Mcavoy portrays the split characters he plays is still of a high standard and should be rewarded.

This third instalment has a kinda Matrix feel to it as well.

I found also this last part less scary maybe it was because we already know the world we are in and what to expect except the final reveal is still amazing!! No Spoilers!!

Add this to your list and watch it.

No kids allowed.


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