Ample Blaze PC Clean Up Guide

Good Morning Blazers in this article Ample Blaze is going to create a easy to follow guide on how to keep your PC Clean maintained and up to date.

The process of keeping your PC/Computer up to date and clean may seem bigger than Ben Heir but really its not.

I hope this helps all you blazers out there.

Step 1 CCleaner

Download and install and run a program called CCleaner run the ccleaner and this program will clean up temporary files such as browser temp files temp files that are hidden within the operating system and many others

What does CCleaner Clean?

This is all automated and it does clean your registry as well.

The next step in the PC Clean up guide is to see if their is any strange weird malware on your computer that you may be unaware of.

What tool do we use for cleaning up malware?

Step 2 Malwarebytes

We install and run malware bytes and this in depth scan will take a long time as it scans all areas of your computer where all the little bugs can be hiding.

Malware-bytes Clean the following:

The final step in giving your computer a thorough check is to run your anti virus that you have on your computer.

Ample Blaze recommends purchasing a decent anti virus here are a list of excellent anti virus applications on the market. We will list some you have to pay for and some that are free.

Step 3 Anti Virus

Paid Anti virus programs

Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Anti Virus


Trend Micro

Norton Anti Virus


Free Anti Virus



Microsoft Security Essentials

Note: Make sure you check to see if the Anti Virus protects and sees that programs that you have running on your computer as a safe program. There are anti virus programs that see legit software as viruses. Check with your IT support or email ample blaze and we can advise you.

I hope this helps you all out there. Any question please feel free to contact us

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