Ample Blaze New Video Tutorials

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Ample Blaze recently created two new video tutorials and thought we would show you in this article what we have added.

I have seen these 2 issues arise in my work quite often when we advise the users to find out what version of windows they are using we are not just talking about windows 10, 8 etc or even users sometimes get confuse Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

In the two videos, we touch base on this aspect and the other video we discuss how to change a file type to open with a different program.

To change the associated program that is linked with that program.

For example, you may have two types of PDF Readers and you want Microsoft Edge not to open it but adobe reader.

you will find the two videos on our Youtube Channel. Do not forget to subscribe.

If you have any ideas for new video tutorials or articles that you would like to be added please feel free to contact ample blaze.

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