Dec 9, 2016

Forum Rules


Welcome to Ample Blaze's long awaited forum. The Ample Blaze community can discuss all topics in regards to technology. Ample Blaze will create different areas of topics that the Blazer community can post their questions or insights and thoughts on. Please remember the following rules do apply:

1. NO BULLYING!!! (any form of bullying will be reported to ample blaze management and can cause automatic removal from ample blaze forum by Ample Blaze Management)

2. No Direct links or indirect links to any torrent sites.

3. Allow Blazers to express their own opinions and suggestions no disempowering of any community member.

4. Before Posting Search and see if the question has been asked before. (Decreases duplication and less deleting of duplicate posts)

5. Post Questions in the correct topic area

6. Remember if you ask a question try and see if you can assist by answering a question as well

7. No Foul language, Personal Attacks or otherwise rude messages

8. Please do not use ALL CAPS when writing your questions or messages

9. Please do not share your email addresses in the forums

10. If you post a user submitted video tutorial or a user submitted How to Documentation guide ample blaze management may have the right to choose to add these to their website.11. If you see any violation of these rules please report it to a moderator or Ample Blaze Management 

Thanks for joining and Ample Blaze hopes you have fun.

Ample Blaze Management (c) 2015

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